Dizzy XII - Dizzy Underground gets a DizzyAGE Remake

In 2001 Gogin from Russia released the Dizzy fan game 'Dizzy XII: Underground' for the ZX Spectrum. Yet fast forward to this year and a PC DizzyAGE remake has appeared by VK007 and again stars that lovable egg who has got himself into a bit of bother. He's landed his rocket onto a strange new world and as always has to help out the Yolkfolk.

As I never played the original Gogin Russian release it's hard to make a comparison between that game and this remake, but I will say this Dizzy game has its 8bit charm intact, with a lovely soundtrack. It always makes me smile collecting items and coins, solving puzzles and talking to those nostalgic characters, especially Seymour. It's just a shame I never really got far in this game as every time I tried to jump over the flames and land on the rock, I died from instant flame damage ( The flames weren't touching me ). So please do let me know far you got in the game and if you complete it, i'd love to know how :)

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