Alarcity - PixelGlass' upcoming first commercial Amiga game exclusive Survival Mode Demo Preview v0.2

Rejoice Amiga gamers as we've just had an exclusive heads up from our friends PixelGlass, of the first Survival Mode Demo Preview v0.2 for their upcoming commercial Amiga game ' Alarcity '. You may have enjoyed the recent remastered/overhaul release of Giana Sisters Special Edition by a new label called Reimagine Games who dealt with the free side of hacks and remakes. But this latest action/shoot em up by the commercial side PixelGlass was assembled for the upcoming Retro Komp retro gamedev competition, which is coming in 4 days - 24th September.

As noted by the development team, this is a very early edition and as such many features haven't yet been included due to time constraints and it being commercial, they don't want to give too much away. But what they can tell you is the ' Survival Mode ' demo is essentially an endless arcade style mode, with non stop blasting action as a taster of what's to come. However this doesn't represent the full game which is expected to have a story and a level based campaign.

But putting that aside, I think you'll agree the game even at this early stage looks mighty impressive, which should be the case considering it's going to be a fully fledged commercial title. It will feature even in the full version, fast paced addictive arcade action, 50hz smooth scrolling on all unexpanded machines, superb AGA artwork, amazing music and sound effects, and multiple weapons and upgrades to choose from.

As for the requirements for Amiga users, according to PixelGlass, the game is designed to play on all AGA machines with at least 1.5mb of free chip ram. Due to the limited time they had for this Retrokomp release they were unfortunately not able to test it extensively on a range of real Amigas, so it is possible for this demo not to run properly or without issues on all configurations (note that this will be solved in later releases).

But here is a list with what they know so far:
  • 1) CD32: should run perfectly (cd32 iso version of the demo)
  • 2) Barebone or fast Ram equipped A1200s: should run perfectly. Note that you 'll  need at least 1.5mb of free chip ram to run the game either from workbench or  booting without startup sequence (in this last case, type 'Assign ENV: Ram:' before running the executable).  
  • 3) 030 equipped machines: fast speed and gfx glitches reported.
  • 4) 040 equipped machines: the game should run as expected.
  • 5) 060 equipped machines: the game should run as expected (though further verification is needed about this).
  • 6) All Winuae (latest version) AGA configurations: should run perfectly.
One last note regarding accelerator users: in case you're having issues disable the cpu caches (this can be done f.e. with Blizzard accelerators via the early startup screen - reset the machine, press and keep pressing  both mouse buttons until the early boot screen opens, go to 'Boot options', tick the 'disable CPU caches' option, then choose to boot normally).

Game design: Tsak & Earok.
Code: Earok.
Art: Tsak.
Music, Sfx: Nooly & Tsak.

And there you have it, everything we have been told about the game so far. So I hope you enjoy it and let us know what you think, with any bugs reported to PixelGlass :)

Links : 1) Survival Demo (HD/CD32 2) Website/Contact 3) Facebook

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