PAT Shooter - A chaotic blaster for pico-8 and PC

Back to the Pico-8 games today and this one is called PAT Shooter, developed by Benjamin Soulé. A rather old game compared to the more recent ones we've been featuring, you play as a tiny space ship that has to destroy many waves of enemies for an ever high score or you'll end up dying and having to start all over again. Not only is this game available on the Pico-8 but you can play it in your browser as well.

PAT Shooter is your typical top down scrolling blaster game with enemy waves appearing from both above and below. It is also a very difficult game requiring fast reaction times as when the bullets starting flying in all directions, you've got to avoid them or be wiped out and your only life is lost. Thankfully the developer has put in not just rapid firing lasers but homing missiles, that when fired really make the game that much more forgiving. But just keep an eye on how many you use though as they will need to be re-charged.  Overall Pat Shooter is a pretty decent game to be played at work or bored at home, but do let us know what your highest score was  :)

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