PIC-Oh Mummy! - Classic 8bit game comes to the Pico-8 with a difference!

One of my favourite Amstrad games ' Oh Mummy! ' has surfaced again, and this time on the Pico-8 as PIC-Oh Mummy! developed by Hokutoy, but in his own style. Oh Mummy in my opinion was and still is one of the best games on the Amstrad from 1984 and it was created by Gem Software and published by none other than Amsoft, a well known publisher for the Amstrad computer. It had fun gameplay revealing lost Egyptian treasures, deadly mummies that needed to be avoided, and a soundtrack that has lasted the ages! But unlike the recent isometric overhaul from Crozza, Hokutoy has kept the top down view intact including the core gameplay, and overhauled everything else.

Oh yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, Oh Mummy has gone all modern and with this latest version not only sounds fantastic with that classic Mummy music playing, but it looks damn good too. Everything about the game brings back that nostalgic feeling as once again you have to run around avoiding enemies, unlocking tombs and hoping to find that key for the exit. The major difference however isn't just the detail, enemies and hearts, but if you end up uncovering a skull you'll be chased by rapid little demons that when touched, deplete one of your lives. So be careful in this game, it's not exactly challenging, but it isn't easy either :)

This highly recommended game 'PIC-Oh Mummy!' is available to play on the Pico-8 and through a PC browser.

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