Scourge of the Underkind - Creating the 'Shopkeeper' and shop graphics for in dev Amiga game

As many of you are aware, Wayne Ashworth and Magnus has been developing a new game called ' Scourge of the Underkind ' for 1 Meg OCS Amiga's. It looks to be a top down shooter, with coin and key collection that is very similar to the epic game Chaos Engine. Well today the same creator has released a new video showing the design process for not just the shopkeeper but also the shop graphics which hopefully will be in the game.

Wayne has said the graphical process was in the design stage in Dpaint earlier in the year, however even though life got in the way, every stage was saved after many hours of work and the piece was finally finished today as Wayne has said below.

"I started drawing this in Dpaint earlier in the year and life got in the way of perfectly good game-dev. Each stage was saved after many hours of work. I finally got to finish this piece today.
Magnus and I had to work out the logistics of the shop as we went along as we only had a rough idea for what we wanted. The early stages were roughed to establish were basic information areas were going to be located, details would be added later. I had a very clear image in my mind for what we needed for the 'keeper but not the way the screen was meant to look, a lot of the later work was spent refining that so it looked the best that I could create. Many happy hours spent in Dpaint.

The Shopkeeper will have quite a way with words and I believe his character will stick in the player's mind...for many reasons... ;)"

As for the release date and orders, there is no pre-order because the developer wants to release a fully fledged finished product, then perhaps orders will be taken. But in terms of a release date, there are hints of a Christmas release ;)

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