Doomsday Lost Echoes - A grand space adventure coming to the Amstrad CPC next Tuesday!

Doomsday Productions has recently released a seriously cool trailer for their upcoming Adventure game ' Doomsday Lost Echoes ', which is due next week on Tuesday for the Amstrad CPC. Classed as a text based adventure game, you play as Mike, a renegade, a bounty hunter, a scavenger, or even a mercenary who has just run out of money from his last mission, thankfully the luck could be on his side as not long after he receives an email that could make him rich... or it could be a trap!

Doomsday Lost Echoes should really be on your list of wants if you have an Amstrad CPC with at least 128k memory. It looks to be a very high grade game, featuring classic text adventuring, three possible endings, multiple side-quests, tons of pixel art, detailed descriptions and as the developers have said one of the most friendly parsers ever seen in an 8bit computer.

But with all that said, Doomsday Lost Echoes is going to be completely free, and if there's enough interest they may turn the game into a physical release as ||C|-|E|| noted on the forums below :

Regarding the physical release, we actually do not plan it for the immediate future but, if there is enough interest, we can definitely think about it. Actually, we prepared the manual in a "ready to print" format just in case this physical edition becomes true. We would need to discuss what would be the best physical format, though. Remember that the game requires either a 3" and a 3.5" floppies or a couple of 3.5" floppies to run  :) .

So look out for this one (here) it could be brilliant!

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