WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 12 - Amiga emulator gets a weekend beta

There's no stopping Toni Wilen as once again he's released another Amiga emulator beta update, and this time we are at version WinUAE 3.4.0 Beta 12, which contains even more fixes and improvements. Regarded as the best Amiga emulator for not just games, but it can also be used for emulated or original hardware workbench OS system installs. So if you want the latest updates, check out the changelog below and download!

Beta 12:

- If genlock is active, mode is not "-" and new genlock alpha option is checked, screenshots and avioutput videos include alpha-channel generated from genlock transparency data. Only works in 32-bit mode and may not work if capture before filtering is not set.
- Added genlock video input events: restart, pause/unpause, next and previous frame.
- WASAPI shared mode uses lower latency mode introduced in Windows 10 that allows sub-10ms latencies in shared mode (if sound driver supports it). Buffers larger than 10ms and non-Windows 10 systems use "old" method.
- "Min" (WASAPI only) sound buffer setting added. Selects smallest buffer size that driver supports.
- WASAPI sound buffer size adjusted. All buffer size values now allocate smaller buffer than previously, pull (event) mode is much more stable than previously used push mode, there is no need for very large buffer sizes anymore.
- WASAPI sound automatically switches to default device if current device disappears (for example unplugged USB sound card/headset)
- Added RTL8019 9346 EEPROM emulation.
- Ariadne II NIC emulation. RTL8019AS based. (9346 contents are not correct but driver does not seem to care)
- X-Surf NIC emulation, also RTL8019AS based. (Including ISA PNP emulation that driver needs...) No IDE support.
- X-Surf 100 (Z2 and Z3) NIC emulation, uses RTL8019AS "compatible" chip. Does not emulate any AX88796B extra features (=only works if driver assumes chip only supports NE2000/RTL8019AS features. Official driver does not seem to use any extra features.)
- Ariadne II and X-Surfs are currently SLIRP-only, no configuration available. Multiple enabled NICs are still also not supported.
- Disable horizontal/vertical filter configured blanking if display port adapter is active that needs RGBI control lines.
- Try to uncapture mouse before showing crash report dialog.

Links : 1) Discussion 2) 32bit 3) 64bit

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