BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets - An Obscure Zelda game gets a BIG translation and more!

What an incredible end to the week especially for Zelda fans across the globe, as BS Zelda no Densetsu, also known as 'BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets', has received a full English dub restoration. If you've never heard of the game, which until today included me, it was a score attack version of 'A Link to the Past', featuring high quality CD music and voices, but had to be played during a satellite broadcast. This rather jaw dropping release on the SNES according to Romhacking, is a full 4 hour English dub restoration available in both the original music arrangement and a custom orchestral arrangement. It also features a full voice cast including professional voice actress Kira Buckland (Danganronpa, Disgaia, Skullgirls) as Zelda, and is even playable on real hardware with a sd2snes.

Furthermore as noted by both source sites, BS Zeldas are Zelda games for the Satellaview, with not so familiar overworlds and completely new dungeons. These games were only playable in Japan and only for a few hours. While the core game code was salvaged from re-writable 8M Memory Paks, the introduction cutscene, indoors data and audio track was lost, with the exception of surviving VCR footage playthroughs from original players. However, during the past 10 years, the BS Zelda HomePage community was able to restore the game to its original glory bit by bit, and the English dub was the final step of this restoration.

So a worthy release indeed and one I think Zelda fans everywhere will be rushing to download, so without further-ado here are the links you should be checking out.

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