Lode Runner +6GD - A great game on the C64 gets the Hokuto Force treatment

When I was just a youngster one game I remember so fondly, was the 1980's classic Lode Runner. It was a game I used to play on a original monochrome Macintosh for many hours to the point of almost addiction. It was actually published by Brøderbund in 1983 and appeared on so many systems, although my preference would always be on the old MAC. In fact the C64 had many different versions differing in level design, speed and even containing an editor, but today's Lode Runner is the original, re-released today by Hokuto Force as both 1541 and 1581 disk based versions.

In this game you play as a little white man that must collect all the gold on the level to move on to the next. What makes this game so damn fun apart from all the running about and climbing ladders, is being able to dig into the ground and watching your enemies fall into a hole. Be careful though, if you don't time it right and the hole doesn't close up, that enemy will climb out and be another thorn in your side. Oh and keep an eye on the rest of the level when killing enemies as more may appear!

What a brilliant classic, which is once again bringing back those golden nostalgia memories but this time with separate pics and an inclusive trainer.

Links : 1) Source 2) D64 3) D81

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