Pietro Bros - A stunning ZX Spectrum homebrew based on Mario Bros from the NES

Well it is finally Christmas day, oh the joys! This is the time when all the homebrew developers come together to show off their very special treats for both the young and old in all their retro gaming splendour. Welcome to possibly the best looking ZX Spectrum game we've seen so far this winter and one that has been in development for some time, Noentiendo - Pietro Bros by Cristian M. Gonzalez, built on z88dk and using Nirvana+ for the multicolour graphic engine.

The story begins with Mario and Luigi.. I mean Pietro and Luizo who have been transported to a pipe world after eating some rancid mushrooms on a pizza. Your task is to escape all of the 32 Levels and finally be done with this living hell. Sound easy enough right? Sadly no. As throughout these levels with a Mario Bros flavour, you'll have to deal with many of the difficult enemies which are straight out from that classic Nintendo game.

It all sounds so much fun and it really is! All you have to do is bash the tiles with your mighty head and make sure to turn the enemies over so they can be taken out for good. With all of them gone, the level is complete and you can move on to the next. If you're lucky enough you can bash the POW brick to knock all the enemies on to their back, or collect the coins for an ever high score.

Original ZX Spectrum version by Ocean

Such a fantastic game for Christmas more so as a Mario Bros Arcade port on the ZX Spectrum. The levels become ever more challenging but remain enjoyable, the sound effects are good and the Mario styled graphics are very spiffy. The only issue I had was with a black flickering effect which appeared while I was using Spetaculator. So download it now and have a blast, it's well worth playing!

Based on Mario Bros from the NES.
One or Two player Game
32 Levels of Fun.
Three modes of Play.
Nirvana+ Multicolour.
48 Sounds.
AY Music and Effects
Sinclair Joystick Only.
Spectrum 128kb Only.
More than a year of work.

Links : 1) Discussion & Credits 2) Download

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