Shotgun Xmas Edition - Get into the holiday spirit with a 4-Player Death match!

Nothing quite says Christmas like a good party game, and when it comes to video games: Multiplayer death match.. Whether it was Quake 3, Call of Duty, or Bomberman 64, blowing up friends is probably the pinnacle of pure joy. Dr. Wuro industries celebrates the festive season this year with a X-mas themed version of their recent multiplayer hit: Shotgun for the Commodore 64.

For those that have yet to play it, Shotgun is a 2-4 player arena death match game, with simple rules. Collect guns, shoot your friends, again and again until you reach your target score. The game is packed with content. Each arena can be played in multiple colour schemes and multiple game modes and now your players sport Santa hats and use xmas trees for cover.

Shotgun X-mas Edition is out now, completely free, supports the C64s 4 player joystick adaptor, and could quite possibly be the most fun you'll have this xmas with a few friends or family.

1) Shotgun X-mas Edition (Dr. Wuro Industries)

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