Unknown Realm - This RPG via Kickstarter for C64 and PC looks gorgeous!

In the 80's many of us had the pleasure of playing Ultima IV on the C64, it was arguably one of the best RPG's ever released for the Commodore and featured a top down playing field with lush landscapes, dungeons to explore, characters to traverse with and many enemies to fight. It was no wonder that many would class the 80's to the 90's as the golden age of RPG's and that's before the love of the first person dungeon crawler came to fruition. So now as a complete shock and amazement to many of us, Stirring Dragon Games has launched their Kickstarter on C64 and PC for ' Uknown Realm '; a brand new RPG that not only looks amazing but takes us back to the golden age of RPG's.

Officially called Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous, the game begins way back in the 80's with you searching for your uncle who has gone missing. After a constant search of clues at his old cabin in the woods you find yourself transported to a fantasy vibrant world, with nothing more than a wood sword and an unlikely companion. Thus this is the beginning of this rather eye opening game, as along the way just as in those classics you'll be making choices, fighting many strange beasts and navigating this vast landscape to uncover the full extent of this story.

But be aware, as this is an RPG, Stirring Dragon Games has said "This means it begins and ends with you and your choices and the impact they have on the story. Your choices will affect the outcomes of the relationships you forge in the game, as well as the very landscape of the world itself!"

So that's the story out of the way and the jaw dropping world you'll play in, but you really need to take in all the features this game will have, for both the C64 and the PC. It will feature a huge open world with lots of secret locations, 64 different day, night and seasonal monsters, a reactive landscape that changes to the choices you make, dual-mode exploration using either an overworld or zoomed in location view, travelling NPC's and settlements, animal companions and mercs, simple attack methods with directional targeting, dedicated hotkey's for weaponry toggles, turn based but feels like real-time, attacking monsters in both views, charming mini games and much much more!

C64 Edition:
World’s largest 8-bit RPG on cartridge.
Fast, near-instantaneous load times thanks to cartridge made exclusively for Unknown Realm. No floppy-swapping needed here!
NTSC and PAL compatibility
SID-based music & sound effects

PC/Mac Edition:
Our customizable platform gives you full control over your retro RPG experience.
Hybrid Soundtrack technology allows players to switch between the retro 8-bit (C64 SID) soundtrack and an alternate modern version, in real time!
Selectable view modes and 80's style CRT filters allows you customize your gaming experience.
Selectable retro color palettes allow you to customize your 8-bit experience even more. (We had to take some liberty on these palettes, but tried to stay true to the color flavor of the underlining 8-bit systems)

I could pretty much be here all day listing everything this C64 and PC RPG game might have after its successful funding, but by the gods is Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous by Stirring Dragon Games a seriously wicked looking retro styled RPG. So head on over to their Kickstarter page now, and give them as much backing as you can possibly give. I want to play this game damn it.

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