Wizerior II Preview - A visual tease to a C64 Gauntlet clone

I believe we all enjoyed playing that classic arcade 1980's game Gauntlet both in the Arcades and on original home computers and consoles. But did you know away from the maze like ghost and demonic arcade filled original there was a clone called Wizerior? Yes indeed, in 1989 Markt & Technik released their Gauntlet clone, which although wasn't as good as Gauntlet still had its charm. It's also a shame the sequel ' Wizerior II ' due for release in 1991 was cancelled because from everything we've seen so far it looked a far better game, of which you can see in this visual preview released by Laxity.

Now before you get too excited and hope to be able to relive those nostalgic years but as a clone, there isn't really much to do in this preview. As we said it's just visual, as although Laxity have fixed the crashing bugs and other flaws, you can only scroll through the maze and pressing the firing button skips a level to view the next. I too was hoping to at least see my character moving, but that doesn't seem to be the case here, but at least it looked a lot better than Wizerior 1.

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