Fire Breath - Lost in the Attic for 26 years finally released for the C64

Software developer Erik J. Hooijmeijer has released an old title he tried to release in 1990 on his alternative software development website: Ctrl-alt-dev. Sitting in his attic for 26 years, this fully playable platform game - inspired by my two favourite games: Bubble Bobble and Creatures - can be downloaded for free from his website, and not one, not two, but three trained versions from The Genesis Project, Laxity and Onslaught are also available on CSDB.

As mentioned, the game is heavily inspired by Bubble Bobble, and this follows the same approach of static levels populated by a variety of different enemy types.. all of whom must be disposed of to progress deeper into the game. You can do this with your Creatures(TM) style flame breath.  The game also features flashing things which are dropped by dead enemies which can be collected for extra points, Power-ups and Boss enemies, and later levels can be very tough to beat. This is a fun game, however some sticky controls, and less than adequate collision detection and jumping movement can lead to a frustrating experience.

Having said that, I've seen a lot worse official C64 releases over the years, and I'll definitely be trying to beat my high scores and reach further levels, in this fun but infuriating cutesy platform game. Check out the download links below:
  1. Developer site: Original
  2. CSDB: Genesis Project: Fire Breath +3D
  3. CSDB: Laxity: Fire Breath +4HD
  4. CSDB: Onslaught: Fire Breath +
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