Hera Primera - Juno First clone on the Vectrex looks awesome!

I have a bit of a soft spot for the Vectrex ever since I played one some years ago at the GEEK event in Margate, so you can probably see why I'm just that little bit excited for Peiselulli's latest shoot em up ' Hela Primera ', that is in development for the Vectrex. Now if you've ever played Juno First by Konami in 1983 then you know what to expect with Hela Primera, as this rather cool blaster is actually a clone of that classic game. It has all the vertical-scrolling, enemy waves and blasting action intact, and damn does it look seriously good on the Vectrex.

Currently the only footage that has been shown is from the 1st level, but from what can be seen is a shooter that really works well on the Vectrex and one I can't wait to play.  As for a release date, we are hopeful that it will come out this year, but it doesn't look like it will be any time soon.

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