Legend of the Amazon Women - All female beat em up new C64 re-release

Hokuto Force return with a fresh crack and re-release of scrolling beat em up: Legend of the Amazon Women (Nothing to do with popular tax-dodging online retailers).  New game modes include Infinite Time, 1 shot kills, zone skipping, infinite lives and invincibility.

Your main character is Lady Wilde, whose plane has crashed in the Amazon Jungle, and a hostile tribe has stolen her baby daughter. The aim of the game is to travel from left to right through the jungle's zones, killing any Amazons which get in your way until you can find your lost daughter. You'll also have to contend with arrows which you must duck or jump to avoid. Despite large character sprites, and a handy on screen radar letting you know of incoming enemies and arrows. The game is let down by sluggish movement, and a rather strict time limit, which I had to turn off in the trainer to get further than the first couple of enemies.

This is fun for a few minutes, especially with 1 shot kills turned on, making combat a lot more enjoyable. Otherwise the repetitive and sluggish gameplay will start to grate very quickly. I also encountered a game crashing bug when completing the game with 1 shot kills, and infinite lives and time switched on. So not the best re-release either.

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