Pong C64 - Pong cloned into the year 2017 on the C64!

Here's a game many of you oldies may remember, depending how far back you go, it's the game called Pong. Now this is one seriously old game, going way back to the early 1970's when it first appeared by Bushnell and another guy called Alcorn as a Pong prototype at a local bar named Andy Capp's Tavern. In actual fact it wasn't until 1975 and through a long history that Pong actually appeared in our homes, which was 4 years before my birth! Yet fast forward to today in 2017 here's a release by Genesis Project and development by Nielsf on the C64 'Pong' Aka 'Pong Clone 2017'.

Just as in that classic game you simply have to bounce the ball back and forth through the up and down movement of the square bats, if the ball hits the area behind your square bat it's a point to your opponent. The square dotted line down the center is the netting, just as in a real Pong match, albeit the ball doesn't hit it in the game as it does in real life.

But here's where the similarities end, because this clone is somewhat lacking. The problem with this version that was tested in Vice 3.0, it comes off as an Alpha as there's virtually nothing more going on for it over the original game. To be honest the original is actually better because I distinctly remember sound in the classic version and this I can't hear any, there's no ball bouncing bleeps going on here. So sadly for me, I'd rather go back to the original Pong, but if the developer adds sounds, and maybe takes it even further with in game music, I think this could be so much more than just a clone.

Links : 1) Source 2) Download 3) 40 year write up

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