Luna 3 - A chaotic blaster on the C64 by Sputnik World!

Another homebrew game has thrust its way into the year 2017, is the recently released ' Luna 3 ' by Sputnik World on the C64, which has also been trainered by our good friends Onslaught. In this game which I would regard as one of the most chaotic shooters I've played for along time, you must blast your way through as many enemies as possible for an ever high score, to make your way to the colony Luna 3 to destroy the enemy forces. Before you can do that, you must defend Luna 2 which has also just come under attack!

As the game begins you must make your way across the landscape shooting anything and everything that gets too close. Which can be either a rock falling from the stars, a missile launched from below, or many of the dangerous enemies coming at you from a number of directions. It really is that simple to understand, but it is incredibly difficult to master. You will be swarmed by enemies from all sides and they will not move in the same pattern, so you've got to be quick, and you've got to destroy them before they hit you. If they hit you too many times, your energy will drop, and finally one of your lives will be taken.

Now usually I'd say a game like this with such a high difficulty level, would probably be one I'd avoid, but Luna 3 is great fun and doesn't look half bad! It will keep you entertained throughout as there's always something to destroy and that ever need to get further into the game to reach Luna 3 ,especially with a high score! Another interest to note, the game has a really weird sound effect that has been added to shooting, it really suits the game, but you'll have to play it to see what I mean.

In all Luna 3 is a rather cool C64 game by Sputnik World (Trainer by Onslaught) but do be warned, I wouldn't use your best joystick for this game as it might not last the torture.

Links : 1) Source 2) Onslaught 3) Trainer

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