Pong Clone 2017 Preview 2 - Pong into the year 2017 on the C64 with an update

In the 1970's Bushnell and another guy called Alcorn released a Pong prototype at a local bar named Andy Capp's Tavern, yet it wasn't until 1975 and through a long history that Pong actually appeared in our homes, and on my very own Atari 2600. Yet fast forward to today in 2017 and here's another release by Genesis Project and development by Nielsf on the C64 'Pong' Aka 'Pong Clone 2017 preview version 2'.

Now you may remember I did a write up for this C64 clone previously, noting that the bat and ball game was actually better with the original and not with the current version. That's because at the time, 'preview 1' had no sound and to me that was a step back from Pong. Thankfully Nielsf has listened to our feedback and has not only added sound effects but also a number of other enhancements as well. So yes, preview 2 is a much better game to play and is almost a perfect match to the 1970's Pong!

Links : 1) Source 2) Download

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