Mines of Grimvale - A Dungeon Master experience with over 200 different enemy types!

As most of you know I'm a huge dungeon crawling RPG fan, especially games that hark back to the days of Dungeon Master, Eye of Beholder or Lands of Lore, and it's with great pleasure to announce the latest release of a new dungeon crawler known as ' Mines of Grimvale ', by Dragon Game Designs. In this mighty crawler you play as four champions summoned to embark on a noble journey to save all of humanity in the world of Bornia from an evil fate. You must battle through dark dungeons, fight deadly beasts and collect loot along the way in search of your quests end!

If Dungeon Master was your game of choice, then Mines of Grimvale with its DM style interface is the game for you. It features more than 50 spells, tons of objects with great power, real and turn based combat, a learn by doing skill system, a gripping story, vast dangerous worlds, lots of secrets to uncover and mysteries to solve, over 200 different enemy types, and hundreds of items, armour and powerful melee weapons ready to be used against evil foes.

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