Highway Fighter MSX2 - Konami Road Fighter clone will be available on digital format on April the 2nd

In the late 80's Konami released their very first racing game 'Road Fighter' in the Arcades as well as on a number of systems such as the MSX and the NES. In the game your goal as the driver of a rather speedy car was to reach the finish line without hitting other cars or running out of fuel, although hitting certain cars did give you more fuel just in case you were a little bit low. A decent game for its time which is also the reason for our write up, as Kai Magazine 2017 have announced their Road Fighter clone of 'Highway Fighter', will be released for the MSX 2 and 2+, 2nd of April.

Available on digital format April the 2nd, and cartridge within 3 weeks or thereabouts, Highway Fighter features a number of new additions even as a clone. You can select 2 different cars with different features for a change in gameplay such as having a red fast car but with limitations, you can battle other rivals on 1 vs 1 fights to the death (Throw them out of the road before they do the same to you) and also the game supports up to MSX2+ and turbo R screen 10 mode for more colours (11000).

More details :

The game will run with screen 5 (16 colors) on msx2.
The game supports fm pac or music module "only" on z80 processors due to the high cpu consumption of the opl4 driver and the fact that the game must run fast smooth at 60 FPS on a graphic mode.
Panasonic 2+ and turbo R users will be able to use fm pac and music module at the same time (where available) or opl4/moonsound for music and sampled sound effects.

Supported hardware:

Hi Spec:
-Panasonic MSX 2+ or turbo R with turbo enabled
-Screen 10 (Aprox 11000 simultaneous colors on screen)
-Opl4/Moonsound compatible sound card (128k of ram requiered)
-Fm pac AND Music Module (at the same time) (64k of ram requiered)
Medium Spec:
-NON Panasonic msx2+ without turbo cpu (Sony, Sanyo)
-Screen 10 (Aprox 11000 simultaneous colors on screen)
-64k of RAM
-FM Pac OR music module
Low Spec:
-Screen 5 (16 colors)
-64k of RAM
-FM Pac OR Music Module

For further information such as pricing, make sure to check the Facebook update linked below.

Links : 1) Facebook Update 2) Demo 3) Main Website

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