Horace in the Mega Vault - Vic-20 adaption featuring Horace in a Spectrum style, NOW on the PC

Glorious news retrogamers as Sunteam have announced the release of their brand new ZX Spectrum styled game ' Horace in the Mega Vault ', for the PC. Horace first made an appearance way back in 1982 in the Pac-Man style arcade game Hungry Horace, with further appearances in other games such as Horace and the Spiders, and Horace Goes Skiing. But now thanks to Sunteam, as an adaptation of the Vic 20 game Mega Vault by Imagine, Horace is back in a brand new game with his own dad.

As we said before, in the VIC-20 game of Mega Vault you had to avoid deadly traps, collect food and finally get a key to unlock the mega vault in which Fred, a friend of yours, is imprisoned. In this lovely looking ZX Spectrum styled version however, you once again have to avoid traps, collect food and the key, but this time you have to get back to the cage and rescue your father, big daddy Horace.

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