NERO - Errazking's SEUCK C64 game features music by Richard Bayliss

As promised we are moving away from Greenlight, and yes even Indie games as now it's time to look towards the C64, as Errazking has announced the release of their SEUCK game ' NERO ', which was coded by Chris Yates, music by Richard Bayliss, graphics by Errazking and loader by Martin Piper. In this game you play as Nero working for a space agency, armed only with your trusty Magnum XII pulse laser you must go on a mission to fight a bunch of nasty pirates and their mechanoids that have taken control of a distant red planet.

If you've ever played the game Commando then you generally know what to expect with this game, as with the first part of NERO you land on the planet and must shoot different enemies that come at you from all sides, in a top down scrolling view point. Your character can also move in multiple directions while firing his pistol taking out enemies such as pirates, defences and deadly mechanoids, that become ever more difficult as the game progresses. From then on it's a last ditch effort to locate the control centre and fight the guards to defeat the pirates once and for all.

In terms of my thoughts of the game, as ever the music by Richard Bayliss is very good and can be listened to over and over again, the character controls are smooth and responsive, and I especially like the top down action sequence gameplay, as it made me feel like I was playing Commando on some far off planet in our own solar system. The only negative about the game in my short play through was the very simplistic landscape, perhaps less barren and more ruins would've added an extra touch.

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