Ninja - 1984 Text Adventure Restored by Hokuto Force on the C64

Ninja is a graphical text adventure released in 1984 by Softgold. This recent release by Hokuto Force contains training modes, map, walkthrough and bug fixes. Including an option to disable the annoying speech. Unfortunately most of the issues with this game are probably unfixable.

Text adventures are like books, they need a gripping plot, character development and twists which keep you gripped enough to solve the puzzles to continue your adventure and complete the game. This has none of these things: you begin in a forest and you're tasked with retrieving a stolen statue from a rival ninja clan. Each screen provides a drab description of your current location, any items or characters present. Alongside a poor ascii art graphic. The command selection is infuriating: "GO CREVISE" was a command needed to get into a cave near the start of the game.

Hokuto Force have done a great job attempting to fix another obscure game from the C64's history. And they've added an essential verb and noun list which will help. Unfortunately there are some obscure verbs not included which will be necessary to even get past the 3rd screen. One interesting feature is a map of the explored areas by pressing M during the game, but other than that, there's very little to recommend even the most die hard adventure fans. Definitely check out the Lemon 64 review for an entertaining take on this forgettable adventure game.

Source CSDB

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