Pentomino - Amstrad CPC puzzler with a great soundtrack gets an Easter release

I hope you're all having a fantastic Easter so far, as it's now about to get so much better especially if you have an Amstrad, as Shining has announced the release of Pentomino for the Amstrad CPC, Amstrad Plus and also on the GX4000. Looking like a cross between Tetris and Loopz, this game was developed by HAL6128 (GFX) and Shining (code) and is a puzzle-game where you have to solve 464 different puzzles, split into multiple parts!

Developed with high quality music and fun gameplay in mind, Pentomino is a game in which you need to fill each box with a set amount of Tetris like blocks to complete the level. The game features a huge amount of puzzles to keep you going with 32 easy puzzles, 216 medium puzzles, 216 hard puzzles, and finally a fourth game mode whereby you'll have to do all the puzzles again against the clock!

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