RemakeJam - A game jam where you remake your very first game!

Many years ago when Indie Retro News was just barely a blog, we used to pride ourselves on writing about the latest game remakes, taking old games and bringing them out into a modern age. Games such as Dune 2, Deuteros, Millenium 2.2, Super Thundercats, PSST, CaesarIA and many others were featured on this site, much to the excitement of our readers. So you can see why this latest game jam called ' #Remakejam ' may well take center stage on our site. Basically in two days time, developers from around the world will have to use the duration of the game jam to remake the very first game they created, adapting them to use any new skills, aesthetics, or techniques they developed since they started

So basically if you've ever created a game all those years ago, Amstrad, Amiga, C64, ZX Spectrum or even an old PC DOS one, this jam aims to pull you in to overhaul that game you made using the knowledge and skills you've gathered through the years. So this could prove exceedingly popular, especially when you look at commercial remakes such as Wonderboy and the Dragons Trap, Day of the Tentacle and even Full Throttle. But as ever there are guidelines to follow, so please make sure to follow them below :)

  • If you have the capacity to radically change the design of an old game in exciting new ways that reflect your current interests, you are encouraged to do so.
  • Many of us might have lost access to our original games, either technology might have evolved to the point where they are no longer playable or original project files cannot be found. If that's the case, that's totally okay, but I encourage participants to include builds of their original games for comparison's sake.
  • Entries containing any form of hate-speech are not permitted, and will be removed.
  • Working on an entry prior to the start of the jam is permitted if the game being remade is of large scope.
  • Share your progress to the #RemakeJam hashtag!

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