Zone of Lacryma - Story driven shooter inspired by retro shoot em ups (Early Access)

So maybe Adventure games are not to your thing, but what about a Steam early access shoot em up that doesn't just feature a rich story but also lots of things to blow up. Well then, welcome to ' Zone of Lacryma ', a story driven 2D shooter which is inspired by classic shoot em ups but with a couple of twists including custom built levels in a game that was also developed using Construct 2

Developed by oophok and available for the PC, you will be trying your utmost to get the best of a highscore or the fastest time possible, while dealing with many different enemies such as defensive platforms and even mighty ships. Along the way you'll also have a multiple weapon choice that behaves differently, a charge system that lets you balance how offensive or defensive you want to be, as well as an upgrade system to customise your ship even further.

Links : 1) Steam Page

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