Inviyya - An in development Amiga Shoot Em Up gets new music!

Steril707 has once again appeared in our Commodore Amiga Facebook group as yet again he has shown off his in development Shoot Em Up ' Inviyya ', which was first announced via the EAB forums in October 2016. This Amiga game that originally started as just a design exercise, has come along at such a rate it doesn't just feature better animation and sound effects, but the game now has music courtesy of Triace & Vedder: "Doskboyz & Scrollers"!

As can be seen by the footage above it is still in a very early stage of development, but it still gives us a glimpse into this R-Type style Shoot Em Up that is actually running on a real Amiga 500. So thankfully when it does arrive you wont need a Vampire or other higher end Amiga to play it!

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