Thy Sword - Retro styled action platformer gets a new teaser trailer!

Once again I'm writing about the cool looking pixelated retro inspired action RPG platformer called ' Thy Sword ' which not only had a successful Steam Greenlight campaign we've since learnt the developers GamePhase have released a brand new teaser trailer! As noted by our previous write ups, Thy Sword draws its inspiration from Norse mythology with a touch of Conan the Barbarian, mixed up with great games such as Golden Axe and Moonstone.

When the full game is actually released, Thy Sword will feature single or co-op, player vs player action, procedurally generated levels, different environments such as forests and mountains, different weapons, spells and enchantments, Loot, lots of enemies and bosses, steam achievements, and unlockable content, all mashed up in lovely pixel art with chip music using the SID from the C64! As for what is shown in the teaser trailer, there are new areas and enemies to see, big bosses, items and even a hint of gambling!

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