Cat Quest - A purrrfect isometric 2D action-RPG? Now on Steam!

The Cat gods have spoken as we've just heard from PQube Limited about their latest published game ' Cat Quest ' which has since been released on Steam. This gorgeous looking open world action RPG developed by The Gentlebros, is set in the world of cats and features a grand adventure in pursuit of the evil Drakoth and your furrynapped sister! You'll be exploring a large overworld map, fighting powerful enemies, exploring dungeons for epic loot, and helping a wide variety of furries to solve a quest or two.

But wait there's more, yes more to make you purr! As Cat Quest also features real time combat with a blade at your side, spells to cast for a powerful damaging result, the ability to dodge and roll to avoid getting hurt, equipment customisation with a whole basket of equipment to find and use, a lovely soundtrack, and the will to explore beautiful lands full of interesting places and interesting people.

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