Draconic Throne - Be a dragon and defeat the prince in the 8th MSXdev’17 entry

Even more games are appearing for the MSXdev’17 competition and rather than the platforming antics of XSpelunker, this time you are playing as a mighty fire breathing dragon in the 8th MSXdev’17 entry ' Draconic Throne ' by GW’s Workshop. No you are not riding a dragon like Daenerys or rescuing princesses such as in Thanatos, but in this game with a hint of both you are out to burn all of your enemies alive in order to defeat the prince that awaits at the end of each level!

Draconic Throne might not be as grand as Thanatos but damn this game is a fire breathing blast to play! There's nothing more satisfying than breathing fire balls down at your appearing enemies and watching them burn to a skeleton crisp or if you hold your fire for a longer period of time, you can wipe out even more enemies in one great swoop! Just be careful however as this game wont give you an unbeatable dragon, there's arrows being fired, spears thrown and at some point in time you'll probably get overwhelmed and just have to give up for another day before you can hope to defeat the prince.

Links : 1) Source 2) Competition 3) Play Online

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