HYAKKI CASTLE - A dungeon crawler set in the 18th century!

If you're bored of dungeon crawlers then look away now, if however you want to play a dungeon crawler that is set in the 18th century, during the Edo period of Japan, then we have found just the game for you! This is HYAKKI CASTLE developed by Asakusa Studios, a real time RPG crawler in which you as 4 secret agents must investigate a mysterious castle and assassinate the prodigy sorcerer known as Doman Kigata. Beware though this will be a tough task as a slew of creepy monsters and traps, such as the "Yokai" of ancient Japanese literature, have been brought back to life!

HYAKKI CASTLE is the latest dungeon crawler to join an ever growing list on Steam, but unlike most we've featured before, this one doesn't just feature a Japanese theme with a choice of different traditional Japanese classes such as Samurai, Ninja, Monk. But it has a 2 Party System where you can divide into parties and move separately, as they say "a feature not seen up until now in real-time dungeon RPGs, with new strategies and ways of solving puzzles by dividing the party and attacking enemies, a new evolution of real-time dungeoncrawlers!" - Reminds me of Hired Guns on the Amiga!

And that's just a small taste of what is on offer, but if you want to find out more such as skills and Seppuku then head on over to the Steam page below.

Links : 1) Steam 2) Website

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