Project Daedalus - A horror based Dungeon Crawler? Yes please!

From the same team who brought you Mazes of Karradash, 68k Studios have recently released an updated gameplay trailer for their in development horror dungeon crawler of ' Project Daedalus '. Classed as a creepy crawler with digital artwork by Gaetano Carlucci. This game will be inspired by classic dungeon crawler RPGs from the 90s such as Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master, albeit much more menacing living in a nightmare with environments becoming darker and more disturbing.

As the developers have said the gameplay is much deeper, the fantasy setting has been replaced by a horror theme and the topics covered in the story will be much more mature. As for the features of Project Daedalus, there will still be perma-death and the ability to gradually improve any new characters by unlocking new weapons, better attributes and more.

Project Daedalus will be available for Windows PC, so expect a full CRPG this time

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