Scrambler - Classic 80's Arcade fun via your Android device!

It's not often I say this but I think I may have found a rather decent Android clone in Chrawfish Interactive's Arcade Shoot em up ' Scrambler ', which is a clone of the 1980's Arcade title Scramble ; a game originally developed by Konami and distributed in North America by Stern Electronics. For those of you who have never played this game before all those years ago, it was a classic early horizontal shoot-em-up where you had to blow up ground targets and missiles with bombs or bullets and navigate increasingly difficult terrain. It was so popular, it spawned many home computer conversions!

As the description says, Scrambler is an old-school side scrolling shooter game where you navigate your ship through 6 different stages packed with menacing enemies on the way to destroy the final Enemy Base, before preparations are made for the next level. The game features retro graphics and sounds, free lives at unlimited score points, two touchscreen player control methods, simple controls, smooth-action experiences and much much more!

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