IN SEARCH OF MORTADELO - Revamped ZX Spectrum game is coming soon! [UPDATE]

Even more ZX Spectrum games have appeared in our box of speccy goodness, as we've been informed by André Luna Leão that the final version of 'IN SEARCH OF MORTADELO', will be released soon in Portuguese with a physical edition in Spanish, English and Portuguese at some point as well. Now if you've heard of this game before, that's because it was released in 1988 by Alfonso Fernández Borro as an Isometric game in similarities to both CRL and Ultimate Play the Game, although this version that is coming will have improved graphics, mapping and lives!

To be honest there isn't much to say about IN SEARCH OF MORTADELO as every isometric game like this such as an Ulimate Play the Game or those released by CRL, don't really offer anything new to the genre other than a change of themed walls, the character or enemies, but the gameplay remains the same. In fact even though you can shoot at enemies and jump on top of objects such as desks to avoid them (or jump over nasty mines), the game once again still suffers from slowdowns when there's too much going on screen.

But putting aside all that it's still an enjoyable game to play and I must admit I do like the more action oriented parts to the game such as shooting at those damn things above. It's just a shame the game doesn't have any music at all, as that for me is always a massive plus!

Links : 1) Source ( Released any day now! ) 2) Download - Update

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