DOS creation contest - DOS based games on IRN! Awesome :)

Call me an old timer but I love talking about the days of DOS, a time when the only thing in front of you other than a computer was a blinking command prompt waiting for you to run a game such as C:\, C:\Dune and Dune.exe. So to hear from that they were running a DOS creation contest in which you had to make an executable under MS-DOS 6.22 at a 486DX , made my eyes sparkle like a kid in a candy store.

The Bird

Although there wasn't a massive amount of entries totalling only 6, some of the games entered were rather nice indeed and could've been classed as commercial or if not, at least PD. One such game which even the website was impressed with, was the game called 'SILLY KNIGHT' developed by Petr "AfBu" Kratina. As described on the site, Silly Knight uses only CGA text mode to render graphics, sound produced by the PC Speaker, and puts you in control of a mighty knight in which you must make your way through a castle, kill everything in your way and become the king on the throne!

Links : 1) Source 2) Silly Knight

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