Indie Game Maker Contest 2017 - Make a game in RPG Maker, BIG PRIZES to be won!

BIG news for you Anime lovers and RPG players as the team behind RPG Maker has announced that as from the last week until to November 6th 2017 you'll be able to join the IGMC 2017 competition and compete for over $10,000 in cash prizes... The main catch? You need to make a game using any legal RPG Maker engine in just one month and must not be perverted in any way ( no 18+! ).

Although there are other rules you need to follow, this competition is the best excuse yet for gamers around the world to make an RPG game in RPG Maker with the end result of a cool prize. Just be aware there are already 486 entries and I'm sure you'll be facing some stiff competition! - Good look everyone :)

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