RetroWars - AmigaWave announces sci-fi adventure coming November 6th!

AmigaWave, the same team behind the Amiga medieval game ' Furtum Sacrum '; have recently contacted us to let us know that their Star Wars inspired Adventure of 'RetroWars' which has been available as a Spanish edition for nearly a year, will be released as an English version with updates for the Amiga come November 6th as a free download, boxed edition in and included in all ARMiga units!

According to AmigaWave, RetroWars is a graphic adventure point and click inspired on the StarWars universe with a retro theme. The game will be able to scroll, have big screens in graphical 32 colors, an inventory, music in game, various scenarios to explore, and a lot of fun, all in only one disk that runs on any Amiga with 1 MB ram, with at least 512 kb of chip.

Links : 1) Discussion 2) Source

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