Sociable Soccer - Jon Hare's Sensible soccer reborn goes early access

If you hadn't heard, Jon Hare has been working on updating arguably his most successful game ever, Sensible Soccer, to modern platforms and visual styles. Sensible software is no longer with us, but the spirit lives on in Jon bringing his vision into Sociable Soccer. It's not fully baked yet, but very soon you'll be able to take a peek via Steam Early Access.

From the Press Release:
Legendary football game designer Jon Hare in partnership with “class act” Finnish studio Combo Breaker, today announced that Sociable Soccer, their much anticipated, fast-paced, arcade take on the beautiful game, will launch on October 12th on Steam Early Access. Easy to play and hard to master with a single player campaign mode, classic local multiplayer and online multiplayer available from launch and a 30,000 player card collecting online team mode in the works.
The original Sensi has a place in many people's hearts a fast and fluid easy to pick up footie game and thanks to the capability of the in-game squad editor and file export, the game is kept alive by fans creating up to date teams for each season and still having tournaments. Sociable certainly has some big shoes to fill!

Get early access from Steam on October 12th:


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