MiedoW (Cheril's Nightmares) - A Mojon Twins surprise for the NES

Finally after a flood of ZX Spectrum games we move on to the NES as we've come across a post on the nesdev forums that a new game had been released called MiedoW (Cheril's Nightmares); which was developed by na_th_an, Davidian and Anjuel using the Mojon Twins engine. Unlike previous games mentioned via The Mojon Twins, MiedoW is a top-down, flick screen adventure where you control Cheril who can shoot, dodge, jump over lava and solve puzzles!

The story begins with Cheril as she walks into a shrine, falls asleep and dreams of a strange voice that commands her to find her daughters. You must use all your skills to traverse strange areas, battle creatures and hopefully solve enough puzzles to find them and complete your quest.

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