ProCon CD32 - Third party gamepad for the Amiga / Amiga CD32 that looks awesome

Here is something I think is rather cool and especially on a hardware level, is witchmaster's ProCon CD32; a gamepad built especially for the Amiga! Now some of you are already drooling at the mouth seeing this picture and that's probably because not only does it look like a SNES controller, but if this is a success it may be the next best thing for playing games that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to buy, ahem "Amiga CD32 Competition Pro Joypad Controller “Honey Bee” "

According to the creator he has been working on this for the past year and as of now has wrote a long post via the EAB forums explaining the hardware in more detail, including what games it has been tested on, the cost of purchase and what each button can be mapped to, which he goes on to say below.

"The action buttons (and [UP] can be mapped between each other and turbo fire can be set up for any action button (and [UP]). The speed of turbo fire can be changed and you can store up to four presets (each face button holds a preset). An LED is used to help in configuring the gamepad. Electronically, the gamepad works the same as the original gamepad (automatically switching between CD32 mode and two button mode). "

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