A Tribute to Chris Hülsbeck - Happy 50th Birthday Album for a music legend!

The weather is severe outside with blizzards and freezing rain, so to keep us all entertained while we sit indoors the German Remix Group have released a stunning album called 'A Tribute to 'Chris Hülsbeck', which is a 50th birthday tribute to a legendary retro gaming music artist who wrote soundtracks for more than 70 titles such as Apidya, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, R-Type intro, X-Out and many others.

This huge album spanning over 90 minutes of play time is not only their longest album, it's also their first release of a double CD which can be downloaded digitally or listened to via the youtube video above. As for the track list it includes music such as Turrican 2 ⋅ The Final Challenge, Jim Power in Mutant Planet, The Great Giana Sisters, Hard'n'Heavy, X-Out and others listed in the track list below!


Turrican 2 ⋅ The Final Challenge (Dr.Future Remix)
Jim Power in Mutant Planet ⋅ Level 3: Mutant's Forest (CZ-Tunes Remix)
Danger Freak (SigmaZeven Remix)
Dreamy Bells ⋅ subtune 1 (Snake-TMF Remix)
Turrican 2 ⋅ The Great Bath (Mitch van Hayden Opus Remix)
Turrican 1 ⋅ Outpost (Dr.Future Concert Hall Remix)
The Great Giana Sisters (CZ-Tunes Halloween Remix)
Turrican 2 ⋅ The Wall (Dr.Future Remix)
Bad Cat (SigmaZeven Remix)


Turrican Medley (SunSpire Remix)
X-Out - Loader (Mitch van Hayden Club House Remix)
Spherical ⋅ subtune 1 (Snake-TMF Remix)
Hard'n'Heavy ⋅ Highscore (CZ-Tunes Remix)
The Great Giana Sisters (SigmaZeven Remix)
Gem'X (Mitch van Hayden Celtic HipHop Remix)
Turrican 1 ⋅ Victory (Dr.Future Remix)
X-Out ⋅ Main Theme (CZ-Tunes Remix)
Turrican 2 ⋅ Secret Dungeons (Tronimal Remix)
BONUSTRACK: Chris Huelsbeck SID-Medley (by SigmaZeven)

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