The True Slime King - A very slime orientated challenging platformer!

When it comes to games such as Meat Boy and VVVVV you just know the game is going to be fun but extremely challenging and sometimes frustrating as hell. Well along comes another game to drive you completely insane while remaining fun too, is 'The True Slime King' developed by Josh Penn-Pierson. Currently available through early access with a demo to boot, The True Slime King is a hardcore puzzle platformer with a focus on tight controls, challenging maneuvers, and mind-bending puzzles.... So yes prepare to die A LOT!

If you're one of those gamers who just can't put a game down how many times you die within say a period of 5 mins, then this might just be the game for you! It features a lot of slime based gameplay especially as you can stick to walls, cling to ceilings, and you can even hop from platform to platform just to avoid those deadly obstacles. Thankfully if you do end up dying, you're kind of immortal so you can try again and again while playing against all your other previous failures!

  • 115 hand crafted levels that ease you into mastering the controls and solving complex puzzles.
  • Large over world with hidden secrets to reward exploration.
  • Soundtrack of 39 original songs that are sure to keep you on the edge with their electrified chiptuney-ness.
  • In-game level editor for making your own levels and puzzles.
  • Replay system to race against yourself and reflect on all of your failures

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