C64 Weekly Roundup - Exiting new projects, more amazing sound tricks and more!

Welcome to roundup #8.  This week has seen more amazing project announcements, also FM-YAM a new sound device built into a C64 cartridge, and Hokuto Force have worked their magic on a few forgotten gems.  I will also shamelessly plug my own channel, as I am making a brand new C64 SEUCK game for The New Dimension's 2018 SEUCK compo, in collaboration with my viewers, live on TwitchTV.

FM-YAM - 9 new channels of gorgeous FM audio to add to your C64 SID

Everyone knows that C64 has the best sound of any computer ever, and now it can sound even better thanks to Xentax corp's FM-YAM cartridge sound expander.  This has its own 9 channels of sound which can be combined with your C64's mono or dual SID modification (3 or 6 SID channels) to allow 12 or 15 audio channel sound from your C64.  The first batch of 100 carts have been shipped, and along with the hardware release, there are also some demos of music created especially for the hardware available as free downloads from CSDB.  Ms Mad Lemon stayed up all night to bring everyone a fantastic hardware review over on her youtube channel. It sounds amazing and if you checkout the website, you'll see that you can pre-order from the next batch.

El Loco Challenge - Sexy new racer announced for Forum64/Provision Game Compo

JammerC64 is working on a cool looking new Lotus style racer called El Loco Challenge.  The plan is to release as much as possible in time for the Forum64/Protovision game compo.  This might mean only 1 level gets released in time for the competition deadline.

Ready features include split screen racing action for one or two player games. 2 channel music and sampled engine sounds for both players. 3 difficulty levels, 6 gear changes, sprite based road sides and fluid curves.   With many more features planned which you can read more about in the links below.  So far so good!

Lazy Cow announce a C64 port of their new brand new NES game: "Wolfling"

Lazy Cow surprised everyone with news of a C64 port of their beautiful looking in progress NES game Wolfling.  The game features a girl main character, who metamorphosizes into a wolfling.  Early animations and screenshots of the NES version look exceptional.   Recent games of theirs include Tiger Claw and Power Glove which are both amazing C64 platformers.

Diced-64 - New Puzzle Game from Jamie Fuller

Diced is Jamie's own port of his Android game, and was initially intended as an entry to Reset Magazine's 4KB Games competition.  Jamie decided against entering the game for the competition but has released the game for free on his youtube channel and website. (Links below).

The game is simple to learn, and plays just like the android version. You control what looks like a mouse cursor, so it would have been really nice to have had mouse control added.  Instead you control it with the joystick, using it to select all the dice in a row or column which add up the the needs value.  If your dice add up correctly they are removed, remove all the dice to complete a level and complete all 25 levels and reveal a QR code which you can use for more goodies online.  Well worth a play through.

Arhena the Amazon - Special Edition: New SEUCK game from TND

Alf Yngve and TND (The New Dimension) have released a special extended version of Alf's 1989 SEUCK game: Arhena The Amazon.  The game has been remixed using Martin Piper's SEUCK mod: "Redux" and features additional code, graphics, and music by Richard Bayliss.  Can you help Arhena battle the evil forest tribe, cave demons and discover the fountain of youth?  The game features unique enemy attack patterns, pitfalls, and spike traps, and gets very tricky early on.  The sprites are well drawn and the game play is pretty good too.

Make a C64 game Live - I am creating a SEUCK game on my live stream 

As The New Dimension are running another SEUCK competition this year,  and I'm trying to lure viewers to my C64 Retro stream on Twitch TV, I decided to run a creative stream twice a week, where I create a game from scratch using SEUCK Live on stream.  Viewers can lurk, watch, and make suggestions in chat for graphics and features to include in the game.  The game will be credited with all the viewers who make a contribution and submitted to the competition which runs until the end of May.  The game we are making is called Bogey's Six Oclock, set in 2070 and post nuclear World War 3, as the last surviving F-35 pilot (unless you're playing 2 player) it's up to you (both) to end the war!  Current progress is going well, we have 4 unique enemy sprites, some background graphics and a plan to add more levels, enemies and backgrounds until we've overloaded vanilla SEUCK.

Keep following my channel for go live announcements and join the fun (Link below).

Honourable Mentions
  • New Sizzler update - new screenshots and music added

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