Eye of the Beholder - Homage - A Fatbot Games Fan Video!

It wasn't long ago that we gave a huge shout out to Fatbot Studio's dungeon crawler of Vaporum. Which turned the fantasy style gameplay on its head as a rather epic Steampunk crawler with strange mechanical beasts, contraptions and rooms of steam based machinery. Well it seems as if the developers haven't been sitting idle since its release, as just like us as fans of Eye of the Beholder, which helped shape a genre ( and their game ), they have shown us an Eye of the Beholder - Homage video, as a thanks to that great classic.

In my opinion the EOTB series 1 and 2 was one of the greatest rpg's ever made, and it was also developed by one of the greatest developers : Westwood Associates later known as Westwood Studios. Released in 1991/92 it came some time after Dungeon Master but it gave us better graphics, better sounds, easier to control interface(spells) and characters you come across that push the story along. It is the type of game that would appeal to a 10 year old as much as an 80 year old, because even now in my late 30's I still find time to get addicted its crawling charm.

Links : 1) Vaporum

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