Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death - In development NES version of a great game previewed

As many of you were aware Collector Vision Games had released a great game called Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death for the SNES in which you play as Sydney trapped inside an ancient volcanic cavern and the aim to survive and win your freedom. Well if you don't have a SNES and instead have an NES you'll be pleased to know Electric Games who is developing the game mechanics has shown the latest Development Update for the NES version.

Although the game play is the same in which you must avoid bats, ghosts, hot lava and other obstacles, what is different is unlike the SNES version this one wont be able to do everything due hardware limitations and being coded in 6502 assembler using the IDE Nesicide and a set of tile and map tools. Still the video does look very positive and does show it has come along way from the previous showing as noted by the description there are a number of changes with a future update including collision detection (enemies), pick ups and much more.

Specific items in this build are:
- re-wrote background collision detection for more accuracy
- climbing ladder logic and speed should be similar to the SNES version.
- all enemy animation sequences completed.
- animated lava is now shown at the current level in the map (will slowly increase once the level trap has been activated).
- did run into a space issue as the maze definitions won't fit in one memory bank, so I have to rewrite that to spread across two banks or introduce compression.

- all collision detection (enemies to Sydney, boomerang to enemies)
- pickups - gems & puzzle objects
- unlock end of level with puzzle object
- testing/bug fixes etc

Links :1) Website 2) CollectorVision Games

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