Fort Apocalypse - Another port for the MSX competition aka MSXdev'18

Ports and remakes, what a week this has turned out to be, and now we look towards the MSX for a port as the msxdev website has just announced that the C64 version of ' Fort Apocalypse ' has been ported over the MSX as the 4th entry in the MSXdev'18 competition. This game that appeared in 1982 created originally by Steve Hales and published by Synapse Software for the Atari 8bit, was later ported over to the C64 by Joe Vierra of which this newest version is ported from.

According to the wiki page Fort Apocalypse is a 2D multi-directional scroller where the player navigates an underground prison in a helicopter, destroying or avoiding enemies and rescuing the prisoners. A contemporary of Choplifter, it has similarities to that game as well as the arcade games Scramble and Super Cobra. This version however developed by SoCal Studio has the full backing/permission from Steve Hales, the original author.

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