Syctek - A Pico-8 arcade cabinet shooter

In the first of three "What's New in Pico-8" roundup features we have Syctek - A simple to play, hard to master addictive vertical SHMUP. Designed for an arcade cabinet and meant to spawn hi-score rivalry among you and your friends.

Syctek seems easy enough on the surface... one type of enemy, shoot them, get points, til you die. once. Yeah, you have one life for this game, one hit and goodbye. But the enemies don't shoot... but you have to hit them twice and when you do, they turn red and drop down at speed like a bomb. The real challenge though is getting highscores. you can do it by shooting the little green space bugs and get 10 pts for the first hit and another 40 for the second, or for maximum pointage, you need to "dash" into them. a sort of Ram-shield mode giving you 20 pts for dashing them when green or 100 for a shoot-then-ram combo.

To spice things up, later on in the game you get points bonuses and waves of asteroids to dodge. There may be other stuff too, but that's as far as I have gotten so far

overall this is a fun shooter with a nice addictive mechanism.

Play it in browser at the Pico-8 BBS here or on the meintje page or download the cart in Pico-8's splore mode

@ABrugsch (twit,insta)

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