Tomb of G'Nir - A Pico-8 platformer of epic hardness

Pico-8 is not without an abundant supply of platform games, being that it was made almost specifically to make them. Celeste was one of the first and has served as the basis for many since as it's usually a new Pico-8 users foray into modifying a game engine. In the second pico-8 roundup feature, Tomb of G'nir takes hat model and shifts it up a gear.. or ten!

Tomb of G'nir is essentially a cross between celeste, super meat boy and 1001 spikes. you don't have a limited number of lives which is just as well as you will die many many times, in ways you'll kick yourself for doing. (however if you complete it, it will tell you haw many times you died getting there!) Yes it's hard, and not old school hard like rick dangerous, but nu skool hard like rick dangerous meets super meatboy.

Check out the cartridge here if you have Pico-8 or just play from the BBS here (in browser)

@ABrugsch (twit, insta, github)

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