Coco Banana - In development Amiga platformer with Dual Parallax!

Even more homebrew games to get through today as we've been informed that 'Coco Banana ', which is in development by AMITEN SOFTWARE for the Amiga, has since been shown off again but this time with in game footage. A game that had its recent appearance on Indie Retro News, is a platformer using AMOS software, and the main developer behind it is Johnny Acevedo

As we said before Coco Banana will be released for the Amiga 1200 as a scrolling platformer with music and sound effects in game, 20 to 30 levels of enjoyment, effects such as multi directional Dual Parallax and the game will hopefully run at 50fps. The only request the developers have of us is donations to hopefully develop the game within the next 3 to 6 months.

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